Why You Should Do Botox on a Regular Basis

Why You Should Do Botox on a Regular Basis

Patients should have “botox”  every 3 months, especially if they have formed “11’s” between their eyebrows, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead , or crow’s feet next to their eyes. In these areas,  the skin has become “etched” over time because the muscles there have moved and wrinkled the skin.

By relaxing the muscles with “botox”, so that the wrinkles do not form, your skin will “remodel”, and these “etched” wrinkles will become less etched over time. This remodeling process usually takes about 1 to 2 years (4 to 8 “botox” treatments).

However, if you skip the 3 month “botox” interval and let your muscles move, then you let the wrinkles form again in between treatments, resulting in a failure of the skin to remodel.

Here is a picture of “etched” crow’s feet.

Crows feet 2