The Special Powers of Renew Night Cream

The Special Powers of Renew Night Cream

Renew Night Cream isn’t your average retinol-based face cream. Dr. Carolyn Mai of MD Refresh specially crafted this product to help patients seeking to maintain vibrant, youthful and hydrated skin. This product fills the need for a night cream with all the benefits of retinol that is not too irritating to the skin, as most similar creams tend to be rather harsh.

The result is a nourishing, hydrating and regenerating night cream that is made from some of the best ingredients available, including:

Extended release retinol: The type of retinol in Renew Night Cream is cylosphere retinol, which is both hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Its slow release into the skin and its cytotoxic properties mean it is better accepted by the skin than other retinol products.

Fig extract: Fig extract is an organic source of vitamin A, and is instrumental in repairing the dermis. It gives a major boost to hydration in the skin — up to 90% within an hour — and leaves the skin looking dewy and fresh.

Chamomile extract: We’ve included chamomile to help soothe the skin and prevent the negative effects often experienced with retinol creams, such as redness and irritation. Its antibacterial and wound-healing properties act as a calming agent to leave your skin refreshed.

One of the main ways to maintain that youthful glow is by helping speed the cell regeneration process so that new, fresh skin cells form in the dermis. A process that once took twenty-eight days extends to a 50-day process as we get older. Extended-release retinol works to increase cell turnover while evening out skin tone and even helping to prevent acne.

While you will still likely see some initial peeling, this blend of carefully chosen, regenerative and soothing ingredients will ensure you experience less redness and irritation long-term than you would with other creams.

When you’re looking for a night cream, you want to find one that gives you the healthiest complexion and that enviable, healthy glow. You’re looking for a night cream with ingredients that trigger collagen and help cells regenerate more quickly, and that contains the vitamins your skin needs to stay hydrated and smooth. You’re looking for the special powers of Renew Night Cream.