International Aesthetic Meeting in Paris – I Am Always Learning

International Aesthetic Meeting in Paris – I Am Always Learning

I just came back from Paris where I attended the IMCAS World Congress for Aesthetic Medicine.  This meeting is an exceptional opportunity to explore the hottest new topics in the medical aesthetic field.


I saw the most innovative technical procedures and discovered cutting edge products and devices.  There were 8000 doctors from around the world.  It was great to meet doctors from other countries to learn from their experiences.  There were also 250 international exhibiting companies.


Of course, I specialize in injections.  Over the years, the methodology and techniques have changed markedly.   Beautifying by facial contouring is all the buzz.  How to inject and where to inject and to do so safely and effectively are the goals.   With the world experts sharing their experiences, I can incorporate these new ideas to help my patients.  Also, outside of the U.S., as doctors are freer to experiment, I can learn both from their successes and from their mistakes.


After all the hard work of attending lectures for three days from 8 am to 6:30 at night, there was a gala to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this conference.

This 20th Anniversary Gala was the best party I have ever attended!

I will post more pictures and videos on Instagram.




I have been going to this conference for several years now, and this is the first time it snowed in Paris!