6 Ways Vitamin C Serum Helps Your Skin

6 Ways Vitamin C Serum Helps Your Skin

6 Ways Vitamin C Serum Helps Your Skin

Vitamin C serum is a fantastic way to keep your skin healthy and prevent long-term damage and premature aging. Here are six ways this serum acts to protect your skin:

1. Combats UVA & UVB damage
2. Contains powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals
3. Revitalizes aging skin and helps prevents wrinkles
4. Corrects dehydration and loss of volume
5. Reduces hyper-pigmentation and lightens skin
6. Supports collagen synthesis

Many of the symptoms that can be helped by vitamin C serum are those that stem from those harmful free radicals and the damage they cause.

What’s So Bad About Free Radicals?

Free radicals are those molecules that have an extra electron in their outer ring, and in order to pair off that remaining electron, they try to steal one from the atoms in the skin. When that happens, it actually damages the skin’s DNA. That leads to visible effects of aging, dehydration, lines, wrinkles and loss of that youthful fullness in the face.

Exposure to the sun actually encourages free radical damage to the skin and can lead to more than just early signs of aging. It has even been associated with skin cancer.

Here in the beautiful state of Hawaii, sun exposure is something we all get plenty of, which is one of the many reasons it is so important to implement a healthy skin care routine.

What Should I Do For My Skin?

One fantastic product that combats free radical damage and subsequent premature aging is the Protect Illumine Serum by MaiSkin.

The Protect Illumine Serum gets its Vitamin C from the kakadu plum, which is the fruit with the highest levels of naturally-occurring vitamin C on earth. It actually contains 50 times more vitamin C than oranges.

The Protect Illumine Serum is also made with ferulic acid, which is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevents damage to your cells.

Because it also contains a healthy dose of vitamins B3 and E, your skin will retain its natural moisture and get a boost to its natural defense against UV rays.

Protect Illumine Serum should be applied every morning to keep your skin protected from the UV rays that your face is exposed to on a daily basis. Thanks to the essence of plum, the serum smells amazing, too. You can apply it again at night if you wish (and it won’t stain your pillow, unlike other similar serums on the market). You can get your bottle at MD Refresh in Honolulu.