Carboxy Facial: A No-Needle Route

Carboxy Facial: A No-Needle Route

The benefits of carboxytherapy are widely known, but what you may not have been aware of is that you can now get these astounding effects without the use of needles!

MD Refresh is pleased to offer the carboxy facial — a no-needle route to hitting the restart button and giving your face the glowing, radiant skin it deserves.

Whether you are healing from a more invasive treatment like microneedling, tired of seeing those pesky wrinkles or are trying to eliminate acne, read on to find out how a carboxy facial can hydrate your skin to its healthiest version yet.

How Does the Carboxy Facial Work?

Just like carboxy therapy, the active ingredient in this treatment is CO2 (carbon dioxide). But, whereas carboxy therapy entails the injection of the gaseous form of CO2 into the skin, in the carboxy facial, your skin is infused with CO2 in liquid form. Essentially, the CO2 releases a large quantity of oxygen to the epidermis by flooding the area with the healing properties of oxygenated blood.

That increased blood circulation helps soothe any inflamed skin and smooth out wrinkles. Plus it balances moisture levels in the skin, tightens pores, enhances elasticity, evens skin tone and minimizes discoloration (i.e. age spots, freckles, pigmentation).

The treatment takes 60 minutes and while the mask sets, you will be treated to a head and neck massage for maximum comfort during this zero downtime alternative treatment.

Results will build as you repeat these facials. Most clients receive a series of five to ten treatments to see the end results they are looking for, which can last up to six months. These treatments can be done twice a week which helps speed up those final results.

Carboxy facials are suitable for nearly all skin types. Best of all, you’ll be back to your normal life immediately upon completing the facial. This is a desirable difference from its needled counterpart, carboxy therapy, which does have some down time, not to mention discomfort.

Find out how this revolutionary procedure can give you the skin you’ve been hoping for without undergoing the knife or the needle. Call our office to set up an appointment for your needle-free carboxy facial and start seeing younger, healthier skin quickly.