Dr. Carolyn Mai

 Founder and Medical Director of MD Refresh LLC, Dr Carolyn Mai, strongly believes that enhancing your appearance will empower you to become your best self.  Creating the best you goes deeper than how you look.   True beauty is about empowerment, strength, intelligence and emotion. 

Dr Carolyn Mai graduated from University of Hawaii, John A. Burns Medical School.  She has been practicing Aesthetic Medicine since 2007 because she “wants to make people happy”.  She believes that helping people feel happiness spreads happiness to all.  She is widely experienced and has trained extensively in medical aesthetics for over a decade.  Successfully treating patients for over a decade and attending conferences in the US and abroad has given her an in depth understanding of the many different techniques used in aesthetic medicine.

Over the years, Dr Carolyn Mai has treated thousands of satisfied and happy patients.  She is well versed in a broad range of aesthetic procedures ranging from Botox, fillers, laser, skin-care to non-surgical skin tightening devices.  She is passionate about her work and enjoys using her medical knowledge, her keen eye for beauty and her experienced and gentle hands to create beautiful and yet natural improvements in her patient’s appearances. Listening to what her patient wants is very important.  Everyone’s desires are different, and she understands this.  She knows that even subtle changes in one appearance can make a big difference.

Kristin Tona, Aesthetician

You will be delighted to meet our warm, talented and dedicated aesthetician.  Originally from Virginia, she now calls Hawaii her home.  She is passionate about what we do, and she cares about the finest detail for you.  She will give you the most relaxing facials and peels with treatments not found elsewhere on Oahu.  She is also certified to do the Venus Freeze, our no pain skin tightening machine.  At MD Refresh, quality, hygiene and your safety are out utmost priorities.  She and I will strive to deliver the highest standards of medical care to help you achieve elegant, youthful and natural beauty.


Welcome to MD Refresh!

You work hard for everyone now it is time to treat yourself.

Originally founded as “Honolulu Cosmetic Laser” in 2007, “MD Refresh” represents the new focus of our practice. Our goal is to make you look and fell your best, to “refresh” you with the safest and most cost effective MD treatments. We pride ourselves not just on being compassionate physician and aesthetician but also artists at what we do. We know that the decision to seek aesthetic treatment can be a weighty one. From skin rejuvenation to body reshaping, you worry about which treatments can get results at an affordable cost with the highest degree of safety.

Your plan might include medical grade skin care, injections including Botox and filler,  aesthetic laser treatment, facials and peels.  At MD Refresh, all these treatment options are available to you.  MD Refresh is a boutique practice where we guide you through the maze of aesthetic, non-surgical treatment options to help you develop a customized treatment plan to help you look your best.

We understand your concerns, because we have personally tried each of the treatments we offer.  All the treatment options we utilize entail little or no down time because we know you are busy, and you do not want any treatments to interfere with your responsibilities at work and at home.  That is what we wanted too when we had these treatments.  So, we have experience not only as the doctor and aesthetician performing the treatments, but also, like you, as a patient contemplating and undergoing the treatments.

We are located in a very discreet location and we are dedicated to giving you the best and safest treatment we can and with the personal attention you deserve.

You can request a consultation at 808.469.1997

Working together, we would like to help REFRESH  you!

Carolyn Mai, M.D.